The “Cross”

The Cross - Lenten Activity

Activity 1 – GROUP / HOUSEHOLD


The Holy Cross - Lenten Activity
  1. A5 size of the wooden board, cork board or Styrofoam board
  2. Nails (smallest size)
  3. Hammer (if using wooden board)
  4. Strings / Thread (any color will do)
  5. Others: Scissor, Ruler, Pencil/Marker

Activity Proper:

  1. Start the activity with a prayer.
  2. Prepare the Styrofoam Board. We used Styrofoam instead of wooden or cork board, it symbolizes our human nature – weak, soft and brittle.
  3. Create a pattern for the CROSS at the center of the board – We have used 40 nails, representing the 40 days suffering of Jesus, fasting in the desert and tempted by devil. In addition to that, 10 extra nails were used for the heart shape inside the cross symbolizing the love of God for us.
  4. Connect the nails using the strings. – Black and red colors of the string/thread were used to make the cross more prominent on the colored board. Black symbolizes the darker side of the world, temptations, negative thoughts and things used by the devil while red symbolizes LOVE.
  5. Repeat step no. 4 until the cross and heart shape becomes more visible.
  6. Once completed, share the experience, lessons and realizations on the activity and offer it to Jesus.
  7. End your activity with a prayer.

Note: Before asking your members to do the activity, make sure you, as the leader, already created your cross.

Activity lessons:

  1. Faith does not make things easy, but believing that with God everything is possible. – Luke 1:37
  2. Members were asked to say a short prayer on each nail, focus and think of Jesus while making the cross. Reminding us that in everything we do, we can always seek His guidance.
  3. Leader will supervise the member while they are busy making their cross and observe properly.
  • Focus and attention to details – Leader will also serve as a distraction to test their focus. Leader will do a different thing or will simply interrupt the members. Remember, Jesus was tempted by the devil on His 40-day journey in the desert. Well, that doesn’t mean that the leader is bad, but to be more realistic for the activity.
  • Test of Patience – Nails will easily pull off from the Styrofoam, thread without enough control can be tangled and be out of direction causing the entire cross to be ruined. So, you have no choice, but to start from the beginning. You need to make it on a normal speed. It’s not a competition, anyway.
  • Invite a peaceful and calm spirit. Are the members irritated, distracted or calm while creating their crosses?
  • Resourcefulness and Helping Hands – There are limited materials. Intentionally, not all of them will have equal materials. Members will learn to use the available materials while patiently waiting for others to finish the materials they specifically require. One member can offer help in order for other members to figure out how to get it done.

Practical Lessons for all days…

Friends, these activities remind us that life is not easy as preparing the cross and painting or eating the grapes. May we all take the lessons from it and be ready because every single day is a battle.

  • Always start your day with a prayer. You need to get up and pray no matter how bad your physical, mental or emotional condition each morning. How much more if you will wake up feeling so blessed and satisfied with your life. A grateful heart and humble spirit that seeks God’s presence will always bring us a victorious day.
  • You have to remain calm, focus and think positively in the midst of a terrible situation.  Never give Satan the chance to use you for his bad ways. Once we lose our mind and cannot control our emotions, it’s an opportunity for him to enter and ruin your day and someone else’s day.
  • Be humble and honest all the time. Acknowledging your weaknesses, shortcomings and sinfulness will not make you unworthy to be called God’s son or daughter. It’s a manifestation of your greater desires to be with Him.

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. – Proverbs 11:2

  • Do everything out of love. Give your heart not only for the one you love but for all including your difficult boss, the strange taxi or bus driver, your arrogant friend, a rude stranger… as in ALL. It can also means to love the things that you do – your work, your passion, your talents, your gifts and appreciate other’s works as well. Jesus did not choose whom to save. He died for all of us to help and redeem us.

God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.Romans 5:8

  • Cheer up and find joy in everything that you do.  Your smile is the immediate relieve from stress, it’s the best weapon against your bad day. Cheerful mode gives you light and blocks negative vibes. When you are joyful, you give yourself and others the impressions that everything will be alright, direct you to solutions for every problem, and positive thoughts to worry no more.

Jesus Rises from the Dead. – Luke 24 or Mark 16

  • Pray before bed time.  Always return the glory to God. He walks and works with you the whole day. He is the fountain of Love, the same love that you freely shared. He gifted you with wisdom, talents and with everything that you have. Now, rest. God will watch you and send angels to guard you while you are asleep and then wake you up the next day.

God is the source of life; He is light, and in Him is no darkness at all. – 1 John 1:15

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