Oh I Missed the Blowing Z’s!


We are a family of human orchestra – producing different sounds and in different ways. It’s funny but sometimes, it’s annoying especially on your resting mode.  The fact that I am also groaning while asleep made myself silent while covering my ears with pillows, cotton balls or earphone.  For me, no one will ever beat my father’s husky voice and my mother’s powerful roar.  Never mind about me, I might be just cracking corns if not sawing logs during my deep sleep.

But now, because we belong to a group of bully creatures, we even force ourselves to stay awake and intentionally grab opportunities in order to nag someone.  I really wanted to have records of my friends different and unique sounds. For one simple reason – to make fun of them.

Sleeping Z's

Why I keep on missing the chance?

Last night, my lovely ate (older female friend) was in her deep slumber.  So, as planned, I stayed awake and waited for the moment.  But that night, oh my G, I forgot my ultimate plan.  I just love the sound. Funny yeah! That it made me smile up to now.

Funny Moment

I just don’t know what happened. I was left crazily smiling but I sensed my belly cramps while hearing the sound. Will I have another chance or at least one last chance to fulfill my plan?  Well, from that night, I know in my heart, I will no longer get irritated whenever and wherever I am hearing someone grinding or making similar sound while sleeping.  I will surely smile instead.  I was not able to record it on my phone, but that moment was already saved and irreplaceable on my very own memory.

Again, you have drawn a beautiful curve on my face ate.  Yes, you always do.
Are you wondering which sound you had? You gargle. 

July 25, 2015

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