First Love Blues

“First Love Blues” – Dedicated to a father who is now in heaven.
You’re the first man in my life.
Beside you is a comfort and bliss.
To you I run fast, confide and hide
With you I am safe and at peace. 

When ego attack, we fight,
Yet, in the quietness of heart, I...
I found that... "I love you!"
Common man, I really do.
You are the king,
I am your princess.
You are the hero,
I am the sidekick.
You are the big brat boss,
Serving you is love, not a lost.
Yes!  You are my first love.
And now… my first heartbreak.
My beloved father, why?
Behind walls, hear my cries.
Words of love from you I thirst,
So you labored for a cup to drink.
Here I stand, staring at a name,
Full of memories and unrealized dreams.
In prayers, I am reaching out to you.
You’ll be forever loved, forever missed,
And in forever, which is in heaven,
I know… we will see each other again.

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