Look at yourself!
You are lost and sometimes stuck in a state of life you never wanted to be.
You started to hate the very situation you are in.  You wanted to scream but no one can hear you. You put much effort for them to find you but no one can see you.  And then… you hid yourself in depression, frustration and disappointments.  You’re crying in the middle of the night… heavily but no sound.
Sometimes you find yourselfin the middle of nowhere;and sometimes in themiddle of nowhere,YOU FIND YOURSELF.

Again, look at yourself!

Don’t you know that you were put there for a reason. Get lost or continue to live. It’s all your choice.

Learn to take a step, move and decide for yourself.
Learn to draw strength from within.  You’ll get tired and sick. Well… take rest but never give up, never stop, never quit.
Get up, fight and find yourself.
God is there… always there to guide you.
You cannot see. You cannot hear.
But you can feel. He is there… always.


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