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Depressed Candle by Circe Sola

We are reading lots of articles, posts, different forms of awareness about depression and mental illness.  Praise God for all the people who opened up, shared and gave inspiration.  They are “depressed candles” that have shared light to others.  

More people came out and admitted that they too, are really suffering from depression; they are loud and very vocal about it.  Funny part is, they don’t really understand if others are expressing or showing symptoms for the same thing. WHY? It is like, “Oh, common! Are they depressed, tired, pressured? It’s nothing compared to what I have experienced.” Of all the people, you should be the one consoling your friend or family members, right?

A lesson from a CANDLE.

We are all like candles. We have been created for a purpose. To give light and shine bright for others but of course, you will lose your own life. And to depressed people, it will have two different perspective depending on how they give meaning to their candles.

1. Depressed Candle No. 1 – The Dying Candle

Depressed people somehow thinks negatively. That is why mostly ended up SUICIDAL. They want to always sacrifice their life, their happiness, their freedom for you to FEEL OKAY and not to feel bad about their existence. They are living in remorse and pity… pity for no other than, their own self. They question their self worth as you question them with their value as a human. You always asked for what they can give. With that, they isolate themselves for the reason that they are incapable of providing what the people, (esp. the one they truly cared and loved the most) are asking for. They are busy looking for the missing pieces,shortcomings and loopholes. They think that what they are doing is always NOT ENOUGH.

Dying candle, having no hope at all… will appear to be fan of blowing other candles out. They will let their candle burning, shut off others, alone in darkness, allow themselves to be emptied and die. It is not being a hero nor to show off brightness. Remember, it makes the life of the candle short, so does their presence and let others live longer.

Note: It’s basically between you and others – worldly in nature.

2. Depressed Candle No. 2 – Candle of LOVE

These are those rare people who are depressed, mentally disturbed and emotionally burdened yet fighting really hard in spirit. Both physical and psychological aspects are on its breaking point. Unlike the Dying Candle with no hope at all, the Candle of Love will find the littlest way to successfully overcome depression. It’s not easy. It’s where the real battle occurs – between you and your soul. And, it’s a never ending fight. 

They get up and dressed every day. They smile and laugh more often. They will run to you when you needed them, and give more even on their nothingness. They are available when no one is there for them. Why? They don’t want others to experience what they are going through.   They are lighting their candles not for themselves but more for others. They are ready to die only to give light especially to those who are lost. One candle can light a thousand more candles – serving as an inspiration and at some point, opening more room for communication.

Still, they might lose the battle and die, but they have won and lived with a purpose.  It’s winning souls that matters.

Note: It’s between you and your spirit – heaven’s ideal.

What normally caused or triggered mental illness?
It is how the people TREAT each other.

Sad truth! When people starts showing these SIGNS and expressed hopelessness, instead of reaching out, people will start to judge and compare to theirs. They misunderstand. They retaliate and rebuke.
No love. No care. No compassion. No communication. No forgiveness. No kindness. More on blaming, harassing, judging, complaining and cursing.
For them, depressed people are like crazy idiots who just simply wants attention. They simply ignore them. They don’t want to add or be burdened by someone else.

Well, it is not like that. The negative impression will give a higher tendency for the subject to hide their feelings, their deep pain, their longing, their problem and their reality.

The wife of the late Linkin Park lead singer Chester Charles Bennington once said, “Someone who needs help doesn’t always ‘look depressed’ or suicidal.” This is true – they appear to be strong and happy. Above all, depressed people will understand you UNTIL THEY CAN’T BEAR ANYMORE their own issues. So, please try to consider that others might be on the same place as yours.

For those who are continuously judging people and pulling them down, for the reason that they are yeah.. also depressed… it’s time to choose your candle.

“Choose your battles.”

We all have battles and we are all fighting in different ways. Yes, ALL… and no exemptions – young and old, rich and poor, normal and with disabilities, having enough and with deficiencies. The difference lies on the choices that we make.  Think about it and know who you really fighting  with. Sometimes, it’s not the other person nor the situation that make us feel depressed. It is just within your mind and heart. It is always with “OR” – understand the situation/person OR rebuke and retaliate; forgive OR take revenge, surrender OR let your ego be higher than ever; love OR hate; accept and respect them OR judge them. 


Now, look at the person surrounding you. You have no idea what they are going through. Most probably they, too have no idea about your struggles. But there is one common thing you can do for each other. Remove the OR and stick on the positive side and act on it – that’s where the spirit leads.

Be the CANDLE OF LOVE and live with your purpose.

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2 thoughts on “DEPRESSED CANDLE”

  1. What an insightful take on the subject, Circe. Indeed, you have a God-given gift. Nurture it and don’t let others’ thoughts and judgements hinder you from unleashing this gift. The world needs YOU. Keep fighting the good fight of faith. 🥰🥰🥰

    1. Hi Tita Jen…
      First, thank you for your comment. You really touched my heart.
      Second, I apologize for responding super later. I received notification and read your comment on the same day.
      My heart was so overwhelmed to know a few who appreciate me and my works so I guess I ran out of words.
      But of course, all praises to God po.

      Thank you for your words of encouragement. It keeps me moving.
      Keep safe po. God bless you and your whole family. 🙂

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