A Letter To My Mother

Thank you Father God for the Gift of today.

Allow me to honor a person who made a great impact and molded me for who I am today.

Ma, I thank you for carrying me, for taking care of me, for supporting me and for loving me not only for nine months but for 28 years now and counting.

*You are my first evangelizer. I remember the days when I long for a company, a friend, a playmate; every time I was left alone at home… sad and longing.  You will call me while holding a Bible or a magazine and started reading (mostly religious articles).  You will start telling me about this guy whose name is Jesus.

*You are my first Teacher. You don’t want me to just simply read and write. You always asked me to read it loud so you can hear me and check my pronunciation, my diction including my emotions while reading.  Ever since, I wanted to copy your handwriting – neat, clear and bold. So, every time I made a mistake, I needed to rewrite even the whole thing.  You taught me also how to draw, to express myself in writing and guided me to do any type of art.

*You are my prayer warrior.  You taught me not to rely on my own strength.  So every time I have contests at school, examinations, having hard times in dealing the tests of life… I will come to you or call you to pray over me and request you to pray for me and for all of us.

*You are my adviser.  Most of the times, I am confused for so many things in life.  I have doubts and fears.  I lost my confidence and courage. Your words, but most of the times your actions are my sources of strengths and wisdom. 

*You are the TRUE mirror of Humility.  You taught me to do great things with great love and compassion.  It is okay to get angry, sadden by many negative things, shout (if must) but to never allow these things to rule me and my day. I have to fully accept defeat, surrender and fight again. If I am the one at fault, I need to say SORRY and humbly ask for forgiveness.  If I was hurt, I need to forgive (even they were not sorry).  This is exactly your words, “Once you’ve done your part, enough. It doesn’t mean you choose to give up, but you prefer to fight in prayer.”

You are not perfect, but your imperfection is making you a GREAT person.  You have nothing to boast in terms of material things that others normally used to criticize you but you are very rich and wealthy in love and kindness. You are physically weak but you are very strong in spirit. You are giving your heart; you are giving your all.

I am more than proud that you are my mother.

I love you, Ma. God bless you always.

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