Lost Chance

Oh my G!
I’ve desperately waited for the moment.  I really wanted to have a record of her sound.  For one simple reason – to make fun of her.  Maybe some already have it, but I wanted it as my own. Effort really matters for me.  But that night, oh my G, I forgot my ultimate plan.  I just love the sound. Funny yeah! That it made me smile up to now.
Years ago, I hate being disturbed by human orchestra at home. It’s so irritating hearing someone snoring so loud. But I can’t help it, but to keep myself silent.  Maybe, I am making the same sound sometimes causing others to feel bad as well.  So, I have learned to ignore it.  And for me, no one will ever beat my father’s tenor and husky voice and my mother’s harmonic sound.  No doubt, I am their lovely daughter.
I just don’t know what happened last night; I was left crazily smiling while hearing the sound.  I don’t know if I will still have another chance or at least one last chance to fulfill my plan.  Anyway, there’s a good thing embarked: I will no longer get irritated whenever and wherever I am going to hear someone making sound while sleeping.  I will surely smile instead.  I was not able to record it on my phone, but that moment was irreplaceable, undeletable on my very own memory.
Again, you have drawn a beautiful curve on my face.  Yes, you always do.

July 25, 2015

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