Let It Be

It’s never a new thing if you met a stranger
In a bus, on the way, in school, or anywhere
Don’t be afraid nor be too overwhelmed
Calmly draw your sweetest smile at them
Nobody knows what’s going to happen next
Days come and go, from dawn until its dusk
You let special moment of the day passed
One among hundred will be kept for last
Trust is given not to him but to Thy Will
By giving time to know each other well
Understanding that this is for a purpose
In a stranger’s heart love is being sowed
You have invested much and gain nothing
But you never losses by giving everything
One must realized that by just letting it be
You have collected the wealth of everybody
If you don’t let a stranger walked at your end
Life is dull for there can never be a FRIEND
A soul destined to accompany your soul
The richness which is greater than gold

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