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Lost Chance

Oh my G!
I’ve desperately waited for the moment.  I really wanted to have a record of her sound.  For one simple reason – to make fun of her.  Maybe some already have it, but I wanted it as my own. Effort really matters for me.  But that night, oh my G, I forgot my ultimate plan.  I just love the sound. Funny yeah! That it made me smile up to now.
Years ago, I hate being disturbed by human orchestra at home. It’s so irritating hearing someone snoring so loud. But I can’t help it, but to keep myself silent.  Maybe, I am making the same sound sometimes causing others to feel bad as well.  So, I have learned to ignore it.  And for me, no one will ever beat my father’s tenor and husky voice and my mother’s harmonic sound.  No doubt, I am their lovely daughter.
I just don’t know what happened last night; I was left crazily smiling while hearing the sound.  I don’t know if I will still have another chance or at least one last chance to fulfill my plan.  Anyway, there’s a good thing embarked: I will no longer get irritated whenever and wherever I am going to hear someone making sound while sleeping.  I will surely smile instead.  I was not able to record it on my phone, but that moment was irreplaceable, undeletable on my very own memory.
Again, you have drawn a beautiful curve on my face.  Yes, you always do.

July 25, 2015

Let It Be

It’s never a new thing if you met a stranger
In a bus, on the way, in school, or anywhere
Don’t be afraid nor be too overwhelmed
Calmly draw your sweetest smile at them
Nobody knows what’s going to happen next
Days come and go, from dawn until its dusk
You let special moment of the day passed
One among hundred will be kept for last
Trust is given not to him but to Thy Will
By giving time to know each other well
Understanding that this is for a purpose
In a stranger’s heart love is being sowed
You have invested much and gain nothing
But you never losses by giving everything
One must realized that by just letting it be
You have collected the wealth of everybody
If you don’t let a stranger walked at your end
Life is dull for there can never be a FRIEND
A soul destined to accompany your soul
The richness which is greater than gold

You are A Living Rock

Psalm 18:2 – The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in Whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

A Living Rock is strongly supported by this Bible passage. It is not that we set ourselves on the level as His, but we can make Him smile on our very own simple ways. He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus to be our model. He is the TRUE LIVING ROCK. We call Him in times of need and we rejoice with Him in every great and happy moment.
(Insert Bible verse)

We too, are His sons and daughters, His soldiers, servants and in Him we surrender everything.
My prayer always includes, “Teach me, Lord to be more like Jesus every day.” And because I am a follower of Him, I prefer to live a life full of His presence. Each one of us is being used as an instrument in fulfilling His works. Through us, His plans are being perfected. (Read: You are the Answer)

How to be a Living Rock?

You and I… can be a living rock. How? Let’s consider this scenario.

One day, a friend of mine was in trouble and frequently asking my advice. I, myself have no idea what to tell her except for a little piece of advice and cracking some corny jokes just to draw smiley on her face. She was absolutely and terribly in trouble. Since, I have no experience and totally no idea to what she’s been going through, I just decided to be with her. Simply be there, thinking that my presence will, somehow ease her pain.

On a different situation, I was the one who needs someone to lean on. I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I am deeply and madly in pain physically and emotionally. I am suffering from spiritual dryness but, of course, I felt the need of prayer. “Lord, I need you.” Then a friend from a distance, beep me by sending a message “how are you?” And the rest was another story of healing.

My friend, on the first case and I are now okay.

“A Living Rock” is YOU.

You are not literally a rock. Don’t be too hard for yourself. Do not throw at you and store all the negativity inside you. The world will test you and will be glad watching you deeply burdened by his force. So…

Love yourself.
Respect yourself.
Motivate yourself.

Most importantly, you have to plant a seed of faith and follow wherever it will lead you. It is not about you. Rather, you plus your soul. Your faith will lead you on how to properly respond to so many things.

To be continued...