“You are A Living Rock.

Inspiring, motivating and encouraging others to live a happy and positive life; wa lk on righteousness, share love and kindness to everybody and spreading Good News.”  – Circe Sola (Author – A Living Rock)

About the Author – Circe Sola

Be A Living Rock

I am a dreamer.

I am dreaming about anything every single day.  It’s actually my number one and only hobby (I guess).  When I see things, actual or imagination, a reality or dream, there’s something that urges me, pushing me and telling me, “You need to act!” but I ended up doing nothing.  It always remains a DREAM.

When I was a kid, I used to talk to myself.  I made myself my own playmate.  I was not alone.  I was with my mother and my grandmother but they cannot play with me all day long and for obvious reason, they were not on my age.   Since it’s very seldom for me to go out and see other faces, I made it sure to see something new and strange about the people I met.   There were times that I idolized them to the point that all I wanted was to be like them.

Whenever I saw a policeman, I wanted to be a police woman.
After coming home from school, I wanted to be a teacher.
When I was hospitalized, I pretended that I am a doctor.
I love going to church, no… I never dreamt giving homilies like a priest, but I like the preachers, usherettes, sacristans and the nuns serving the church and the people.
I wanted to be an architect building good houses, mansions, etc.
I even mimic a konduktor, an albularyo like my grandmother, a tricycle driver and a lot more that every time it’s flashing back, I just smile.  By the way, I am amazed with cars ever since. And what I love the most before was seeing a lady… driving.

When I entered college, I enrolled Accountancy.

Funny yeah! How did I arrive at the course that was not even in my vocabulary? I did not even dream of being a cashier.  But, it was clear that at that point, I wanted to be a lawyer.  For some reason, I was pushed to enroll a business related course and my mother just bribed me of the “CPA – Lawyer” thing. So, before I will become a lawyer, I need to pass the CPA board first.  I graduated in two courses – Financial Accounting and Accountancy.  Both courses dealt with numbers.

You know what’s funnier?

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